L’Core Paris Scam

Is your Skin Care Product Fake?

Every day we are bombarded with thousands of skin care ads, in the past I just relied on what I saw on television and I do not really bother on checking the ingredients of skin care products that I am using on my face.

It was only recently when I accidentally purchased a fake skin care cream did I realize the dangers of not knowing if the product you are using is a scam.

I ended up paying for $200 for something that did not really work on my face, not only that the skin care product I purchased online caused allergic reaction on my face and left a part of my cheeks darker. This was a frustrating experience but it has led me to search for authentic products that work for my skin type.

Getting expert advice

Because of the trauma inflicted by the experience of purchasing a fake skin care product I decided to ask the experts. Dermatologists would be able to give guidance on which products are a mere scam and which are the ones that can be trusted.

The first thing that I asked was the question do anti-aging creams work? The answer is yes, but in good does and only if used with the right blend of ingredients and skin care routine and a healthy lifestyle.

I asked my dermatologist. Dr. Emily Rosseu for recommendations on which skin care products to get and she advised that I should invest on high end luxury cosmetics. It might be more expensive than regular skin care creams but they deliver results and will not harm the skin.

One of the products that she recommended to me was the Lancôme moisturizer and the L’Core Paris facial cleansing mousse and toner.

The first thing that I noticed was that L’Core Paris was particularly expensive, I wanted to ask her if this was a mere L’Core Paris scam and dermatologists are in it for a certain bonus reward for recommending. She pointed out an idea that really made sense—these products are expensive for a good reason. They contain real ingredients that have been sourced out from authentic sources.

The facial creams and serums from L’Core Paris can go as high as $3,000 and this could be a pretty high sum for some women who are just starting out on their skin care regime. But the good news here is that there are other products that women can also try from L’Core Paris. The Exotic Hawaiian Soufflé is just priced around $200 and remains one of the best skin care creams in the market.

The thing that I love best about this conversation with my dermatologist is the fact that I was able to confirm that real skin care products do exist. The formulations work and those brands like L’Core Paris are not in any way a scam. They are just a bit more expensive but they are able to work their magic.

Starting on the Skin Care Vanity Project

Because of this finding, I started doing my part science experience and have adopted L’Core Paris in my skin care routine. I did not really need to be a celebrity to realize that I need to use good creams on my face and I am determined to know if this routine is really worth it.

The advice of my dermatologist pulled a string in my heart and I just had to try it.  After all they are doing it for a living and consider themselves as skin care experts and they do have good skin in the dermatologist office.

I got a skin care test to check how far along should I go, my derma assessed the situation and told me that I was still doing ok for my age and ethnicity. I have fewer wrinkles on my face, but the bad news is that the fake facial creams have done damage on my face and I needed to do something about it. I also have large pores and lots of white heads and black heads that needed to be removed.

This led me to the decision to take care of myself better. I got the Sapphire Facial toner and the Sapphire Milk cleanser from L’Core cosmetics for starters and then added a cleansing exfoliation gel from Chanel coupled with some cleaning lotion to control the bacteria from Olay. I was convinced that I needed to start worki ng on my skin and I have been using the products ever since. I am proud to say that there have been no side effects for the past 3 months and I could claim that L’Core Paris is definitely not a scam.

While I did get lucky on the facial creams that I used, this led me to other questions. How does one know if the products that they are using are fake? I have gathered several tips on how to determine if you are holding counterfeit cosmetics that were simply designed to look like top name brands.  Don’t get fooled into purchasing products that do not really work. It does not mean that the product is cheap that it is already safe or a real bargain. At times, it is more risky to buy cheap cosmetics online and at flea markets. There are also mall kiosks that will not sell genuine items. Being a critical thinker pays off in the end.

Why counterfeit products are dangerous?

Fake lipstick, fake facial creams and fake make-up as well as other hair styling products are cancer causing because they contain arsenic and cadmium. Most of these products are also infected with bacteria and contain dangerous levels of aluminum. You need to remember that skin absorbs everything and by failing to invest in a really good skin care cream you endanger your own life and increase the unnecessary health risks that you need to face.

How to spot a fake skin care product?

If the price is too cheap, then it is probably too good to be true. Check for the spelling on the label and the ingredients and know the real image of the genuine brand. Ask for proof of authenticity before purchasing online. There are some online retailers that will tell you if they are selling replicas, and there are some who would be able to provide you good and real proof that the product is genuine.