L’Core luxury ripoff

Skin Care Pro: Go Organic Skincare

By using organic ingredients in skincare, the brand increases its chances in making its products highly effective and fast acting. Most of the natural or organic ingredients are created by nature to coexist with humans. Most of them are even made for human consumption. Take vegetables and herbs for example. They have multiple human body benefits internally and externally. Regularly eating herbs and vegetables can greatly detoxify the body deeply and get rid of the toxins and other harmful elements from the inside of the body.

The use of organic ingredients in skin care can greatly increase the speed of its treatment. Skincare products that are purely made with all natural ingredients make the skin absorb the product faster since the cells of our body already sense a familiarity with the organic ingredients being used and absorb it faster. Compared to man-made chemicals, the cells of our skin needs to recognize and immerse itself first to get used to its components before the chemicals can do their treatment onto the skin.

24k Ultra Hydrating Day Cream

One of the most skincare concern that most of us are focused on is deep moisturization and hydration. It is easy to find skincare products that say “moisturizer” in it. But it is really hard to find those which actually works  and show fast acting results.

One of the best sellers in L’core Paris is the 24k Ultra Hydrating Day Cream from the Gold Collection.

Nowadays, the use of precious minerals like Gold is being widely used  by different skincare brands to maximize the standard skin care effects. Some of this totally pulled off the luxury vibes. However, there are also others that created fake luxury skincare products.

With the rising popularity of Gold in skincare, it is inevitable for the rumors to go around saying that the 24k Gold Collection is some sort of L’core luxury ripoff. But by proving that their products are highly effective and  uniquely fast acting, the L’core luxury ripoff rumors died.

The 24k Ultra Hydrating Day Cream is an ideal skin care product for everyday use. This product protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun and gets rid of existing skin discolorations and problems caused by excessive exposure to sun rays.

It also gives the skin sufficient and enough hydration to last your skin for the whole day. With the use of actual gold,  it deeply moisturizes, cleanses, and gets rid of aging signs from the skin.