L’Core Paris Review

L'Core Paris Review

A European perspective on the L’ Core Paris Product

Being French, I often get asked which skin care cosmetics have the best effect, which are the brands from France that I would recommend. I can’t deny that French cosmetic laboratories have done their job well when it comes to cosmetic skin care, but there are emerging cosmetic brands that I have tried from other countries that are giving me much more than I expected.  Here are a few skin care products that I have reviewed over the past years of exploring cosmetic care.

One of favorite is the South Korean products. Koreans know how to invest in their skin care, another runner up for my most coveted list of must-haves when it comes to skin care products is L’ Core Paris. This company was established in France but the cosmetic ingredients were created in Israel.

Israel is reported to have the richest types of minerals, gemstones and colloidal gold and has been a direct provider of high quality facial creams and serums that other countries are not able to produce. L’ Core Paris products has easily created a name in the luxury cosmetic industry because of the unique ingredients that are included in the formula.

L’ Core Paris Review

24k Day Cream

This new skin care product is one of the best innovations in the last 5 years.  This product from L’ Core Paris contains zinc oxide, carnauba wax, iron oxide red and iron oxide black. These are rare nanomaterials that make use of advanced skin care technology.  It is a potent sunscreen and works well as a tanning product.

I always take it with me when I am traveling back home during the summer. I never go without it because of the proven effect that it was able to give my skin. I rarely experience sunburn because of it. Despite staying long in the sun I know that the rejuvenating Dead Sea minerals and proteins on the product are working to protect my skin.

Acne Control Mask:

This acne control mask from L’ Core Paris luxury collection is another favorite of mind. Being the skin care addict I checked the ingredients of the product and found out that this was made with Kaolin.

Kaolin is an ingredient used in Ancient China in the 19th century; it was believed to remove skin dryness. It is white or gray clay and is used to reduce oiliness in all skin types. Kaolin removes skin impurities and provides deep cleansing action. After using heavy make-up I make it a point to use this product on my skin before sleeping. The Acne Control Mask is a top favorite of mine because it has reduced the redness and swelling on my face without causing any harm.

Brightening Serum:

Another L’ Core Paris review that I would be doing is for the brightening serum. This serum is also another staple ingredient in my daily regimen. I add it in the mix of my skin care treatment because it is gentle to use and hydrates my skin. While most of the products from L’ Core Paris has not yet been hyped up I am sure that there will be more articles written about these products that I have included on the list.

Resolving the problem with large pores

One of the most common problems with French women is the appearance of large pores. It is very unsightly and causes the skin to contain white heads and black heads. One of the most effective products that I have tried is the Gourmet Sugar Exfoliator from L’ Core Paris.  This has enabled me to resolve my problem with large pores. It works by exfoliating skin. It is like using tablespoons of sugar and olive oil only that it is packed with intense micro beads that increase the effectiveness of the product. I use it to wash my face usually together with cold water and make sure to apply it once or twice a week.

Other rich creams and masks feel too heavy in the summer, but not the L’ Core Paris products, this is because the formula is lightweight and sinks in the skin easily.

Maintaining Amazing Parisian Skin

Keeping my Parisian beauty entails making the right choices every day. Sticking with products that are trusted and reliable has worked wonders for my skin for the past 6 years. The first thing I do is to drink a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon upon waking up. This eliminates the toxins in my body and helps me feel better all day. I wash my face with the Sapphire Milk Cleanser from L’ Core Paris and use a cleanser and toner from Eau Micellaire from Bioderma. At night, I make sure to use the 24k Night cream of L’ Core Paris to make sure that acne and breakouts will not occur in the morning.

After this daily skin care routine I make use of MAC Cosmetic make up and lipsticks. Before setting my make-up I make sure to use a BB Cream to protect my skin before applying make-up. The BB Cream from Maybelline 8-in-1 beauty skin protector has been a trusted make-up companion for more than 2 years now.

Maintaining an amazing Parisian skin needs tack and critical thinking. Over the years I have researched the ingredients myself and have established morning and night time routine to make sure that the skin will attain a higher amount of benefit.

Instead of just using plain creams and serums I go for high end luxury products from L’ Core Paris. Most of their products already have ingredients that work for different skin problems.  The skin discoloration issues that I have with my skin disappeared after continuously using the products for 3 years in a row.

Recommending products that friends and family can trust means a lot to me. I live and breathe skin care and would like others to discover numerous ways to improve their confidence through the use of effective beauty products.