L’Core Cosmetics Complaint

Protecting your skin from the sun

For a fast phased life, it is important that you also have fast acting skincare products with you. No one has the luxury of time to wait for your creams to set in and seep deeply into the skin. In here, I will list down some of the helpful items suitable for our on the go look.

Protection from the sun:

  1. The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Protect Lotion – A facial cream that keeps the skin hydrated and protects it from UV rays.

Why I like it: It’s super lightweight and easy to wear. Aside from its SPF 30, it also regenerates the skin tone.

Complaints: It gets super oily after long-wear. But it’s still manageable with a little dusting.

  1. L’Core Paris 24k Ultra Hydrating Day Cream – Day cream enhanced with Gold minerals for maximum skin tightening and age defying.

Why I like it: It also has sunscreen and UV protection components aside from its age defying treatment. Gold skincare products are very popular nowadays because proved fast results.

Complaints: I personally don’t have any complaints with this L’Core Paris product. I’ve been using this daycream ever since and it worked for my skin pretty well. I guess if I have any complaints with it, it’s super hard to find. I always get mine through their website.

  1. Chanel UV Essentiel in SPF 50 – This cream also has anti-pollution to protect your skin from developing blotches and impurities caused by dirt and pollution.

Why I like it – Lightweight! The formula is very thin you would not think it in SPF 50.

Complaints – None. This has been my household facial sunscreen ever since it was released to the market.


  1. Lancome LA Base Pro Hydra Glow – This primer brightens the skin by illuminating it and at the same time correct the skin’s tone to revive it to its original color. This product also contains pearl powder which helps with skin brightening.
  2. Urban Decay Hybrid Complexion Perfector – Skin foundation in SPF 20. I really like this foundation’s coverage because it’s a fast acting foundation that easily covers up discoloration and blotches. Aside from that, this also has skin tightening and correcting treatment.
  3. Tarte Water Foundation – I like how this foundation’s formula is very thin and soft. It is also very lightweight, almost weightless. It has a good coverage despite its thin concentration. This water foundation is in SPF 15 so you wouldn’t have a problem going out during sunny days.