Conclusion for Complaints of L’Core Paris

Most Common Complaints of L’Core Paris


L’Core Paris is an innovative cosmetics producer, who utilizes the beneficial properties of precious metals and gemstones and adds them as an ingredient in the skin care products. That being said, the products’ price rockets up in the sky. As the company targets the wealthiest of customers, it would be quite obvious that their customers would be people that would like to have the exact quality they are purchasing. Considering the price, they are paying, the customers could often become quite pretentious, and hence, we are looking to review the most common complaints of the brand.


The Customer Service


Regardless of what your company sells or offers, the customer service should be on top of their game at all points as they will be dealing with clients who already experience some kind of trouble with your product. It counts twice as much for companies like L’Core Paris whose customers mainly consist of busy people, that don’t have time to spend talking on the phone about a skin care product, which they bought. That being said, we would like to say that the brand is doing a marvelous job at keeping its customers happy and you will always be greeted with a smile in their physical locations.


So what is the problem then? Often people who would like to return a specific product for a various reason would not be able to do so.


The Chance of a Scam


As a high-end company, the products of L’Core Paris are constantly being targeted by scam artists. Another big issue is the fake products which pose as their products but are in fact some low-quality rip-off. There are many reports of people spending a good amount of money on a fake product due to not buying it off an authorized seller. Always be wary of that possibility as spending a thousand dollars on a skin cream which has gemstones and gold in it might sound like a good idea; however, giving it away for a cream which might negatively impact your skin, because it could consist of god knows what, would leave you quite frustrated.


The Side Effects


As a whole, there are no reports of the products having any side effects. Still, the ingredients in the face of the gemstones and the precious metals have not been studied. Hence it is unknown what their effect on your skin could be in the long term. It is a safe bet that it has no negative impact considering that there are no reports of rashes or any other types of skin problems that might have an outbreak.




The truth is that L’Core Paris keeps its customers happy at all times. Considering the small segment of target customers they have, any other way would lead the brand down the drain. All of their products are unique and will leave you completely satisfied as a customer.

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